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Get the most out of technology… without ever fully giving in.™

The Digital Dive Podcast™ is a bi-weekly show about the developments defining digital and marketing. Co-hosts Emily Binder and Melanie Touchstone discuss the current events and news shaping the digital landscape for consumers, marketers, and businesses. Topics focus on technology, mobile, digital marketing, social, technology business and startups, apps, gadgets, and the heavy hitters and thought leaders of the digital sphere. Listen to our conversation about the impact of technology on society, from app updates to operating systems to browsers and SEO, from startups to IPOs to location based advertising. Each episode concludes with Tips on Tap: three things to know this week.

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Your Hosts:

Emily Binder | emilybinder.com/ | @emilybinder

Emily BinderBio:

Emily is a marketer who loves communicating, especially through audio. She has marketed brands ranging from educational entertainment to travel to telecomm.

Emily grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of Michigan. She likes cooking in her Instant Pot, playing chess, and taking the stairs. From 2009-2014 Emily ran an Etsy shop that sold jar cakes which had a three month shelf life. She is a big standing desk advocate and reviews ergonomic products. Emily tries to drink green tea instead of coffee and loves to travel.

Melanie Touchstone | http://missmelt.com/ | @MelTouchstone

Melanie TouchstoneBio: Melanie is a DIY business development and digital marketing warrior woman, currently flexing her marketing muscles in the B2B professional services space. She’s an Atlanta native, graduate of Elon University, and lover of all things cheese. Melanie is a big fan of historical documentaries, financial technology, her American Bulldog, Bob Dylan, antiques and oddities. She looks forward to one day taking over the world.

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